Womens Surfing Wetsuits in Australia - Steamers & Shorty

+300 Women Wetsuit available in Australia - Roxy, Rip Curl, O'neill

5/4/3/2/1mm... Go! A great selection of surfing wetsuits in Australia, just for women. No matter if you have a crush on Billabong, Roxy or Hurley, Akewatu helps you achieve perfection in both your surfing style and your looks.

Explore our large selection of Women's Wetsuits in Australia

Did you always dream of a never-ending closet? Akewatu gives you the opportunity to complete your neoprene quiver with a selection of wetsuit for women all better looking than one another. Are you looking for a shorty with an exotic pattern or more for a full suit with a vintage style? You can now express your vision of surfing as much by what you wear in the water than in the way you surf.

No matter if you prefer theBillabong wetsuits, Rip Curl steamers, or another surf brand, the perfect wetsuit is just a couple clicks away from tagging along in your next session.

Find the best Wetsuits for Women

Summer or winter, find models of all thicknesses on Akewatu. From the 5/4 to the 2/2 and of course some nice 3/2, even though the list isn't exhaustive, it gives a small idea of what we have to offer. Are you more sunset or sunrise? If you like to surf with the first or the last sun rays of the day, a bit of a neoprene protection is rarely too much! Give yourself the luxury to appreciate these magical moments without worrying about being cold: they are the ones that make our passion the greatest of sports!