The Best Rip Curl Wetsuits in Australia - Online Now - On Sale & New Styles

Shop the best Ripcurl Wetsuits online 24/7 at Akewatu. Expect the latest Rip Curl wetsuits: fullsuits, spring & summer styles and high performance models from the Flash Bomb Series. 2/2; 3/2; 4/3 & more. New Styles or On Sale options available now.

Rip Curl Wetsuits in Australia - Mens & Womens - Available Now

No introduction needed - Born in the early 60s, Rip Curl is one of the most iconic Australian surf brands today, and its wetsuits range has something to do with this. Their designs feature high performance materials with a maximum stitch for ultra stretch. The Rip Curl wetsuits are also known for their durability which bring out the best in your surfing. We offer over 100 Rip Curl wetties - from 1’5mm to 5”4 wetsuits - available online now in Australia. Whether you’re looking after a full suit, a streamer or a spring suit, you’ll find many sizes and colors available here - from a classic black wetsuit to the latest seasonal colors.

Shop the best Rip Curl Wetsuits online 24/7.

From the coolest months to the winter, Rip Curl has developed several ranges to fit all needs. You’ll find the best surfing wetsuits for beginners and the most performing models, surfed by the Rip Curl elite team such as Gabriel Media, Mick Fanning or Conner Coffin.

The Dawn Patrol is one of the largest ranges created by Rip Curl. Executed in E4 thermoflex neopren, it has been built with performance and durability in mind.

Meet the Flash Bomb E5/E6/E7 by Rip Curl - The ultimate high performance wetsuit ever?

Shop the most performing wetsuits by Rip Curl: The Flash Bomb Series. Offering ultra quick drying, the Flash Bomb wetsuits also generate heat while stretched and will keep you warmer the more you catch waves. Pure style, ultra stretch - you’ll be ahead of the line-up.

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