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1,000+ new Surfing Wetsuits available - Steamers, Springsuits & Wetsuit Tops

No matter if you surf under the coconut trees or during the winter, we have what you need for surfing in Australia. Full suits, shorties, lycra, neoprene tops, for men, women, and children: welcome to wetsuit paradise! A large Akewatu selection to make sure that you will find what something you like, no matter your needs.
Surfer, bodyboarder, kitesurfer, windsurfer and more: no matter your sport, you know the importance of having the right wetsuit. You have to thank Jack O’Neill to have made it mainstream. He built the first model for surfers in Santa Cruz, California, opening the way to the future giants like the Australians Rip Curl or Billabong. Today, we see each year new innovations around surfing wetsuits. With the environmental consciousness developing, brands are trying to use new, greener materials. However, neoprene is still a reference in terms of wetsuits: both solid and elastic, neoprene itself is changing with the years, and brands are innovating to make wetsuits that are ever more comfortable. Take a look at O’Neill’s Hyperfreak, Rip Curl’s E-Bomb or Billabong’s Furnace they are truly like a second skin. Aside from the technical aspect, something to consider when buying your next wetsuit is the thickness. From the 6/5/4 neoprene to the 2/2, brands offer a great variety of thicknesses to make sure that you will find the one that is best suited (no pun intended) to your home spot. In this section, you can discover the latest trends in brands like Rip Curl, Vissla, and many others. Concerning the zipper systems, you can find here back zips, the classic wetsuit entry system. Beginners love it because it makes the wetsuit very easy to put on and off. You can find it in both entry-level models and on high-end models. There are also models with a chest zip in the front, made to reduce water entry at the neck level. The last but not least is the zip free system. It offers better thermal insulation because it suppresses the risk of water infiltration. If you want to be ready for everything, both for warmer water than colder temperatures, take a look at the full suits, the shorties, and the neoprene tops. Even though the ultimate goal of a wetsuit is to keep you warm, we know that style also matters when comes the time to make a final decision. This is why we offer you a large selection of models with a great array of designs: the one you are looking for is certainly in there! Ladies, for the trendy patterns, don’t hesitate to look at the women catalog: you can find happiness only a few clicks away! Gentlemen, we did not forget you – we have such a wide selection that it will certainly please all surfers looking for a new surf partner. Better than tinder, this section gives you the perfect match with products that are exactly as advertised. No more bad surprises when you finally meet in person…!