Torq Surfboards in Australia - New and Used surfboards

Torq surf - New and Used surfboards in Australia

The perfect epoxy surfboard for beginner and intermediate surfers who want a board that will make them progress with a smart mix of solidity and reactivity. So here is our selection of used and new Torq surfboards: a wide array of sizes and shapes just for you. Find the shortboard, mini-mal or longboard of your dreams, right here !
No matter your level as a surfer, one thing you will constantly be on the lookout for is a good surfboard that can carry your weight and pull its own weight on the waves. Which is what Torq surfboards offer you whether you’re just starting out or have a few years of experience under your feet.

Torq surfboards came into existence seven years ago, and they have risen fast as the surfboards to best in terms of durability, innovation and a diverse range of boards.

Find the ideal Torq surfboard at Akewatu

Akewatu is the largest online surfboard store featuring hundreds of shops and individual sellers and over 100 technical experts partners in Australia. We stock up both new and used surfboards from well-known names such as Pipedream surfboardsDHD surfboards, Rip Curl, Firewire surfboardsTakayama surfboards and, of course, Torq surfboards. All surfboards are checked by an Akewatu partner shop at drop-off, and with its secure shipping, you can be sure that the Torq boards you buy at Akewatu will get to your desired pickup location in pristine condition.

How to choose the right Torq surfboards for you

Torq surfboards are ideal for beginners, intermediate and pro surfers. However, its diverse range may leave you confused on just which board is best for you. To get the best board tailored for your surf level and needs, you should take note of the following:

Your surfing level

Whether you are a beginner, an intermediate, advanced or pro surfer will determine just what boards you will be getting. The height, volume and type of board you will end up with largely depends on what waves you can catch and how advanced you are in surfing.

Your weight and height

Regardless of your level, your weight and height will impact the board’s performance on water. Ideally, the bigger your weight, the bigger the surfboard you choose should be.

Surfboard volume

A surfboard volume is calculated by multiplying the length, width and height of the board which gives the liters contained in it. A low volume surfboard means you’re picking a lower volume than the suggested volume for your weight and height. It is not advised that beginners do this, as a lower volume surfboard means less speed and more drag.

The waves you are looking to catch

This can be a bit difficult, as waves are ever-changing. However, depending on your level, you would most likely a favorite beach for surfing and can predict the kind of waves you’re likely to ride there on any given day. For slower waves, a long board is recommended while a fish board is better for steeper, hollower waves.

If you are still confused about what Torq surfboards you should purchase, we are here to help! Simply send us a chat or call us and our experts will help you find what you need.

Surfing accessories at Akewatu

Akewatu is not just home to all types of surfboards, including the shortboard and Stand Up Paddle. We also have the necessary accessory you need for an enhanced surfing experience. From leashes to wetsuits, pads and fins, we work with hundreds of local Australian surf shops to stock premium surfing apparel just for you. Surf our range of Torq surfboards and other accessories today.