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Softboards - Buy from the largest selection in Australia for all skill levels

Congratulations, you just got the surf bug ! The good news is that you can find your antidote here. Take a look at our large selection of beginner surfboards in Australia and find what you need among the foam boards a.k.a "Soft Top"... MF, Ocean and Earth, Catch Surf, and many others. All good choices that will help you answer the call of the ocean that we, surfers, all know so well.
With the increasing global interest in surfing, there are different surfboard designs, styles, shapes, and templates. This is made by having different levels of surfers in mind, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or expert surfer there is a particular surfboard that will fit you. Recent surfboard designs work around core templates which are creative. We will be looking at what surfboards are, and the different types of softboards brands available.

What are softboards?

These surfboards also known as foamie are the most popular surfboards used by beginners. They come in different shapes, colors, designs, and templates that will fit any surfer no matter their taste.

Importance of using a softboard

Sofboards aren’t the only surfboards available, however, they have unique features which make them highly sort-after by everyone in the world.

Volume and Buoyancy

This is an essential reason to buy a softboard, especially for newbies and Beginners. The huge volume is important to let a new surfer learn the basics & surfing tricks especially when it comes to balancing.

Mitigates accidents

Many surfboards are very big and tedious to operate, whether clean or stormy conditions, with this, the probability of accidents is high. Using softboards reduces accidents because of their construction and flexible designs.


Because this surfboard type is commonly used by new surfers, it is usually cheaper than other surfboards. The price range makes it easily available for everyone. Top softboard brands recommended for surfers.

Here are some recommended brands:

Torq softboard
This is a popular surfboards manufacturer in the world. It is known for providing excellent quality which is well-tested and durable. You can try their second hand surfboards which are quite affordable. This brand has an epoxy design like the PE soft board and rigid type.

Mick Fanning
The  Mick Fanning surfboards are excellent designs that are a global brand in board design. It is owned by a legend in surfing, Mick Fanning, who used his years of experience to create a surfboard that adapts to all surfers’s abilities.

Ocean and Earth surfboards
This is an Australian surfboards brand that has a good brand for all categories of surfers. Ocean and Earth surfboards come in durable constructions, sleek designs and are very affordable. Getting the best surfboards is a crucial decision for new surfers and those new to the surfing experience. Using a quality softboard designed by reputable brands gives is beneficial.

Our catalogue also includes Random X, Sanctum, Softech & Softlite. You will also find high performance surfboard brands like Hayden Shapes & JS also having great softboards such as Loot, Flame Fish, Big Baron etc.

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