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Sanctum Surfboards - Models Mini Mal, Scrap, Tombstone - New and Second Hand

Born in 2004, Sanctum surfboards is an Australian surf brand created by Sydney's northern beaches brothers Paul and James. Sanctum allows anyone to go out into the water. They supply a wide variety of surfboards, from the most cutting edge surfboards, innovative designs right through to retro tributes. On Akewatu, all Sanctum surfboards are shipped in a premium and eco-friendly package. All boards are insured during shipping. you can order Sanctum most famous models like Sanctum Scrap Dog, Sanctum Good Buddy or Sanctum Retro Log.
Buy a Sanctum surfboard, established in 2004, Sanctum's range has gone from strength to strength

Cutting edge designs, innovative shapes, beautiful retro tribute longboards, yes they have them all. Allowing all levels of surfers to hit the water & have some fun. Maybe you want one of their Pocket softboards to spin on, a Shaka Freerider softboard to learn on, a Snuie Bomb or Twin Keel to rip on, a Long Short or Castaway to flow on: take your pick, get in the water and start drawing your lines.

From Shaka Freerider softboard to the Long Short

We offer these models in new or used so that you can find the one that also fits your budget. Akewatu's Sanctum offering is built to help you find the right board no matter the size that suits your needs or skill level. Make your choice and see you out there !