Rip Curl Surfboards - Models Diablo, The Cruiser and All Day Clear

Welcome in Rip Curl surfboards universe. The famous surfbrand shows its beauties like Diablo Shortboard or All Day Clear surfboard and The Beard of Zeus. Find as well the Zombie surfboard or the Wing Fish. New and used surfboards available.
Welcome to Akewatu, the largest surfboard catalog on the internet featuring well-known names in the surfing world! Akewatu is designed to help you find the surfboards perfect board for your surfing needs, and with boards coming from hundreds of local Australian surf shops, both used and new, you will be spoiled for choice. But away from surfboards, Akewatu also stocks everything you need to successfully crest over waves and glide on water like the surf-star that you are! Check out our wetsuits that are as stylish as they are practical, and our range of accessories that will make for a more enhanced experience.

Get a Rip Curl Surfboard

As a surfer, you know that your most important tool is your surfboard. Of course, with the rise of “boardless surfing,’ we know that you can ride the waves with no surfboards. However, until it becomes truly effortless and mainstream, surfboards will remain the symbol of the sport. This is why getting the best is totally necessary for every surfer, whether you are just starting out or you are well advanced in the game. Like the Rip Curl surfboard. Established in 1969, Rip Curl is one of the largest names in the world of surfing, producing everything from shortboards to funboards, longboards, fish, gun and shortboard, and even wetsuits. If you want to go with the Rip Curl range of surfboards, we have what you need. Explore the models below perfect for beginners and more experienced surfers.


For a more versatile surfing board, the Rip Curl Diablo surfboard is perfect for you. Featuring a wide, large nose and a round pin tail, its unique design makes it the best board to use in all conditions. New or used surfboards, we have the Rip Curl Diablo available just for you! And because every board at Akewatu is certified, you can be sure you are getting exactly what you want, how you want it.

The Cruiser and the All Day Clear

If you love swooping and gliding over point breaks or beach breaks, then the Rip Curl Cruiser surfboard is what you need. This longboard packs traditional designs with modern styles for a truly remarkable surfing experience. Also available at Akewatu, the All Day Clear is a reliable mini malibu surfboard made of fiberglass. It is perfect for surfers of all abilities, but beginners will find its largeness and thickness helpful especially at takeoff. Suitable for smaller waves, the Rip curl All Day Clear surfboards will make riding the waves more fun than you imagined!

How to choose the best Rip Curl surfboard for you

So you’ve probably heard of all the rather complex-sounding terms of surfboards, and maybe you know what they all mean. You also know that the All Day Clear is best for beginners, and more experienced surfers would be on the lookout for the Diablo and the Cruiser. However, it is not as open-and-shut as you would like to think. Even after you have made your choice, send us a chat or call us, and we would be right there to advise you on the best decision to take. Remember, Akewatu helps hundreds of local Australian shops stay open and stocks some of the biggest names, including firewire surfboards, Beachbeat, Stuart Surf, and, JS surfboards. So ride over to our available products and start shopping today!