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The long curves leaned well on the rail with a fine twin Mark Richards. Hard to do more retro than that! This is also all the vehicle surfboards present on this page. So no matter what retro board style you're looking for, because here you'll find the rare pearl. New and used, we have gathered, for your pleasure, the widest choice of retro surfboards.

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If you don't have a Retro surfboard yet, this category is for you. A Retro board allows you to have a unique style of surfing and develop a fluid ride, worthy of the 60s to the 80s. Single fin shortboards, retro fish or logs for noserider lovers. Each retro board is handmade. You're spoiled for choice, from the Mark Richards Twin to the Christenson Flat Tracker. Usually these boards have extra volume and offer a lot of fluidity.

High performance Retro boards are a reality!

Currently, shapers such as Nev, Al Merrick or Mayhem have reproduced their models of the past by injecting modernity and more current specifics, which allows these boards with a unique outline to perform above average . Lost Retro or Channel Island Fish are good examples of boards with progressive bottoms and rockers that allow you to turn and maneuver in the pocket, but you can choose to just ride the line and generate as much speed as possible. Get inspired by the best riders with a pure and retro style like Craig Anderson, Mickey February or Josh Tudor, the choice is yours.