MT Woodgee New School Twin
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MT Woodgee New School Twin

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    Product Details

    The Mt Woodgee New School Twin is old school mixed with new. The foam is kept in the most critical parts of the board.....Firstly by dropping deck rocker allows foam to be displaced more evenly along the stringer line around the entry through to midway part of the board, why we have a "beak on the nose" to stop the aesthetically UN appeasing S DECK becoming pronounced leaving an inverted curve. Next is reducing the deck roll either side of the stringer out to 4-5 inches creating a flatter deck once again increasing an extra lap of foam along the deck and finally, the wide point is 1 inch forward of half way allowing foam distribution to carry forward allowing the board to be ridden shorter. The curve fuller towards the nose allows stability and flow through fatter parts of the wave, hence why Twin Fins in this design are so forgiving.

    Technical Information

    MT Woodgee
    New School Twin
    Type of board :
    Ideal wave type :
    Small, medium, mushy, hollow, fast, 1.6ft to 3.2ft, 2.6ft to 3.9ft, 3ft to 5ft
    Condition :