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Mini Mal - Buy from the largest selection of Mini Malibu's surfboard in Australia

Surfing on a mini-mal displays tunes of fire baptism among surfers. Why ? Because it's an almost obligatory passage. Stable enough to start its first curves, robust and generally more affordable in terms of price, the mini-mal is ideal for beginners or for fun in the weakest of waves. Find the greatest brands ranging from Torq, NSP, Modern and many others.
Mini malibu is a great all round surfboard option for any surfer. Its diversability is second to none, perfect for beginners, intermediate or advanced. This surfboard design offers different types to suit your taste and choice. It is very balanced, easy to use, comfortable, easy to paddle and easy to control. If you are having doubts on whether to choose this surfboard design, the below info sheds some light on what you need to know.

Size of Mini Malibu to buy

The size of  surfboards to buy can be quite confusing. As a result, a lot of people make a mistake when buying surfboards. The size of surfboards to buy should be dependent on your height, weight and the type of wave you desire. This surfboard design offers you stability no matter the intensity of the wave, there are different types for different heights and weights and wave size. In case you don’t know the perfect size for you, the experienced workers at Akewatu are readily available to offer you the much information you need to choose the best mini malibu that meets your need. The sanctum surfboards are true value for your money whose durability cannot be questioned. You can also get  softboards of international standard that can serve you for over 5 years.

Are minimals good for beginners?

There is no better surfboard for any beginner wanting to hone their skills than the mini malibu surfboard. It is very easy to use, easy to paddle, durable and gives you the stability that boosts your confidence, giving you the best surfing experience. Mid size minimals are best for beginners, because they are easy to transport, and you have less chance of nose-diving a board that could otherwise feel too long. Apart from being good for beginners, Akewatu also offer hundreds of  second hand surfboards that are nothing short of your required quality, regardless of your financial position. All second hand surfboards are assessed beforehand by professionals and then validated by our team. By checking every single product, Akewatu reassures the customer they get what they ordered.

Who should buy Mini-Malibu surf boards?

The mini malibu surfboard is good for beginners to advanced, age, size or gender. Don't fear of letting your kids surf because we have also have a great line for   kids surfboards, so they are not left out of the fun.
Akewatu are the largest surfboard sellers on the internet. At Akewatu, we offer the best services when it comes to surfing matters. You can always interact with us, we can help you with your choice of boards and any other advice you need.

Lastly, yes Akewatu is extremely diverse, but every surfboard sale also helps a local Australian surf shop/small business. Akewatu also takes care of your entire shipping processes, fully insured with industry leading sustainable packaging to your door or your desired pickup location. Did you also know that Akewatu offers you the possibility to insure your surfboard during a year so that, following certain terms, you are compensated or your mini mal surfboard is replaced if it happens to break. For new surfboards only.