Mick Fanning Surfboards in Australia - Premium and Second hand Mick Fanning boards

Premium and Second hand Mick Fanning Surfboards

MF Softboard are soft surfboard designed by the multiple world champion of surfing Mick Fanning. Mick is not only one of the best surfer in the world, he's now also a busy man building one of the major brand in the softboard market with a mantra like "more performance than any other softboard in the market".

Without a doubt, the most popular softboard ever made, buy a Mick Fanning Softboard

The brand is a true leader in the surfboard market, thanks to Mick's rigorous testing to make sure they felt like a high performance board where they most needed to. From the grom loving 'Little Marley', to the all round family board 'The Beastie', or the beginners 'Supersoft', they've hit the nail on the head with classic outlines, perfect rails & high durability: take your pick, get in the water and start drawing your lines.

Mick Fanning softboards no matter the size that suits your needs

We offer these models in new or used so that you can find the one that also fits your budget. Akewatu's Mick Fanning offering is built to help you find the right board no matter the size that suits your needs & skill level. Make your choice and see you out there !

A surfboard is essential surfing equipment that many people buy to enhance their riding skills. However, buying quality surfboards from top brands isn’t accessible if you don’t know where to look. Let’s look at the premium and second hand Fanning surfboards and their features.

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Mick Fanning surboard

Mick Fanning Surfboards are designed by renowned world surfer Mick Fanning. It was inspired by Mark Matthews, who wanted to close the gap between soft boards and good surfboards, which will make more surfers feel connected to these sports equipment. MF surfboard offers one of the best themes, shapes, and designs available. Take a look also at the Torq surfboards if you're interested by other type of boards.

Composition of Mike Fanning Softboards

These softboards are made using:

Hydrocarbon Spine

This material is Fiber apparel that is infused into the EPS core deck. It behaves likes a leaf spring, offering massive storage of energy for huge waves.

E-Cloth/Epoxy Internal Shell

The Expanded Polystyrene system of the Mick Fanning board is laminated with high-quality layers of Epoxy resin, which brings about a thick internal body.

Soft Exterior Shell

Mick Fanning Softboards has about 5 mm exterior Irradiated cross-related Polystyrene Shell and also a Highly density polythene skin which forms a cover for the surface.

Recommended Premium and Second hand Mick Fanning Surfboards

This surfboard brand has new and used surfboards manufactured according to your needs; here are some excellent choices:

Little Markey FCS11

This mick Fanning Surfboards model is a small softboard that is wide and quick. It has small rails like some of the Chilli surfboards which are suitable for low waves, and its small curves assist people in getting the best out of the boards.

Eugenie FCSII Softboard

This board is innovated to cope with surfing in challenging waves. It is simple to use and ensures optimal board performance. If you want high-performance boards, look at JS Surfboard, especially during high tides.

Beastie Softboard

Another great product by Mick Fanning for individuals who want to learn the ropes of surfing. Also, surfers who are seeking alternatives to shortboards can opt for this product.

Mick Fanning remains one of the most respected surfers of our time, and his surfboards offered great features, which is a must-have for all surfers.