Longboard Surfboard - 300 New or Second hand longboard - Akewatu

400+ New & second hand longboards available in Australia

With a longboard, surf rhymes with a hang ten noserider, walking your board from tail to nose with cross-steps or simply getting a ride from any little swell you can encounter. Here you can find the best selection of both used and new certified longboards and a vast selection of major brands like Tolhurst or Takayama to take you on a ride in your next session. So many boards, just waiting to be picked to go back into their element.
Longboards to walk from nail to nose or be carried peacefully by the waves

The longboard is the board you need if you want to let yourself be carried peacefully by the waves. On Akewatu, there are hundreds of longboards available which makes Akewatu the widest and most diversified offer for this category. Used longboards sold by individuals & professional surfers or new boards just waiting to see the ocean for the first time.

Longboards for all budget

Longboards crafted domestically or imported for a unique glide or more affordable solution to catch your first waves. Whatever board you are interested in, on Akewatu, it is always checked by our experts before delivery to your home

Secured packaging for premium longboard shipping

Our secure packaging material is specially designed for the transport of surfboards. And you benefit from live advice on the site by chat or telephone to be sure to choose the longboard that exactly suits your needs. You can pay at once securely on the site, but you can also spread your purchase over several months with the option of payment in 3 instalments at no cost. Happy surfing !