Kids surfboards - New and used Material for young surfers

Surfboards for Kids - All the new and used surfboards for young surfers

The groms are the future of our sport ! This is why we want only the best for our future surfing stars. Our priority is that they have a ton of fun with their board and it is adapted to what they want to do. With that in mind, come and discover our kids boards, with brands like Catchsurf, Softech, JS, Sharp Eye or Deathless, both used and new. From the beginner board to high-performance shortboard, the little ones can find everything they need to shred !
Teenagers and adults usually engage in surfing; however, there are several surfboards for kids available to this looking to buy one. A child doesn’t have to be grown up before they start surfing. Let’s discover some great new and used surfboards for Kids.

The Akewatu online catalog

Akewatu online platform is a big dedicated site that offers the perfect surfboards irrespective of their size that suits their needs. At Akewatu, they are a big catalog online which markets surfboards that come from local Australian stores. You can email, call or text Akewatu for any inquiries or recommendations on top surfing equipment like and Stand Up Paddle globally. The Akewatu brand helps thousands of local Australian stores to sell their boards. Akewatu has many shops, individual sellers, and numerous expert partners in Australia. Brands like Boardriders, Beachbeat, Stuart Surf, Rip Curl, Zaks, and Wicks Surf can be found in the catalog at good rates. The platform takes care of all softboards at drop-off points, and the transport is safe. Akewatu looks after the shipping process and takes care of the package as soon as it arrives. Akewatu uses a unique shipping process that was created specifically for surfboards.

What to consider before buying kids surfboards?

It won’t be wise to walk up a store or visit an online catalog like Akewatu without knowing what you want to buy. Check out these factors before buying:


The volume of a surfboard is important before buying surfboards for kids. Because they are new to surfing, kids need to use a surfboard that has many volumes. The higher the volume, the simpler it is for the kid to glide and catches the waves. Such boards will aid them to surf easily between blue and white waves.


Please take into consideration the age of the kid before ordering for that surfboard for them. This is because there are diverse boards for kids depending on their age; funboards for ages 2 to 6 is different from ages 7–14. You can talk to Akewatu for better recommendations on surfboards for kids.


The kid’s height and weight should also be taken into consideration before getting a surfboard for them. Kids need longer and thicker softboards like Pipedream surfboards because it provides better stability and floatation. For tall kids, you will require a larger surfboard because it offers better weight.

Best kid surfboards available at Akewatu

There are numerous surfboards you can buy irrespective of size or skill level:

South Bay Board Co Guppy

These kids’ surfboards either new or used surfboards are nicely designed with quality materials like EPS closed-cell foam. It also has an EZ Carry Handle similar to the Super Brand surfboards, which works perfectly for children and young kids.

The Rock-it Co surfboard

This is a quality board for young surfers. At just 4’10 (1.47 m), it has a huge volume (40l) which provides excellent buoyancy and easy to paddle for kids similar to the DHD surfboards.

Ocean and Earth surfboard Bug Mini

These are top kids’ surfboards that provide stable, safe, and reliable surfboards. They are the perfect choice which many kids can handle. This board isn’t just for kids but can be used by young adults like Mini Malibu surfboards who have the little skill level.