JS Industries Surfboards in Australia - Monsta Box, Forget Me Not, Black Blox on sale on Akewatu

JS Surfboard - Monsta Box, Forget Me Not and Black Box on sale

JS Surfboard is one of the world's biggest surf brand. Coming from Australia, the most famous models are used by world-class surfers and many surfer addicts all over the world. Enjoy the performance of Monsta JS, JS Monsta Box, JS Forget Me Not, JS Black Baron or JS Black Box. 200 JS Surfboards available on sales from the best surf shops in Australia. Our second-hand material is all certified by experts before shipping. All shipping are organized with a premium procedure specially designed for surfboards with a eco-friendly and fully recyclable package.
Recreational and serious surfers will always need a surfboard with great performance, strength, and speed. These are some of the features which attract the numerous surfboards available. The many surfboard options available have made choosing a one more complicated. Let’s take a look at the JS surfboard, its advantages, and some of its models on sale.

About the Akewatu online catalog

Akewatu internet Catalog is a dedicated catalog that gives surfers the chance to find the best board for themselves irrespective of size or surfing expertise. You get a reliable online catalog that showcases a plethora of surfboards sold by top local Australian shops. Contact Akewatu by phone or email if you have any suggestions or need advice about surfing equipment to buy. Akewatu hopes to help many startup Australian stores market their products. Akewatu brings together private sellers, many surf shops, and about 120 expert partners in Australia under one platform. Surfers could buy top brands like Zaks, Beachbeat, Rip Curl, Wicks Surf, and Boardriders on this catalog. A technical partner shop explicitly examines all surfboards during a drop-off and transportation is handled efficiently. Akewatu ensures all shipping is taken care of when the board arrives at the pick-up location. They use their unique shipping procedures, which are designed to take care of surfboards.

About the JS Surfboard model

JS is a top Australian company inspired by a great surfer, Jason Stevenson. They are widely known for their top producer of surfing equipment and funboards. Their surfboard ranges are at the height of longboards style. JS boards are used by professional surfers like Julian Wilson and Parko, who have won various surfing contests riding on JS surfboard brands.

Benefits of Using JS Surfboards

Here are some advantages of riding on this surfboard:

Easier to paddle

JS Surfboards are made with materials that make it simple to paddle irrespective of the waves. It doesn’t matter which model you buy, it feels sleek, which is good for speed.

Recommended JS Surfboards on sale

Here are some top JS boards which are presently on sale:

Monsta Box

This excellent JS board comes with a double concave and great outline. There New or used surfboards models can be found at Akewatu online catalog. It has a standard fin setup which helps it glides smoothly.

Forget Me Not

This JS model is designed as a fast board to ride when the waves are coming. The board has excellent hold during solid waves like the amazing Pipedream surfboards, and turns effortlessly.

Black box

This is an all-rounder JS board that performs well for most waves encountered in the sea. The standard fin setup is about five and has full rails, which help surfers push through weaker waves. The Black Box has a single and deeper double concave. It is recommended that all surfers purchase quality surfboards like the JS surfboard for better performance and durability.