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Funshape surfboards are also called funboards. This kind of surfboards are intermediate between shortboards and longboards. The size varies between 5'5 and 8'6. A funboard combines the ability to paddle easily like with a longboard while being manoeuvrable -almost- like a shortboard. That's the perfect transition if you want to bridge the gap between shortboard and longboard worlds.
Funboards, also known as fun shape surfboards are basically hybrids of a fishboard and longboard. They are shorter than the latter but longer than shortboards. Although they are used by surfers on all levels, they are more commonly ridden by beginner surfers who have learned the basics on a soft top and are now ready to improve their surfing skills.

Getting the right funboard for you

Funboards don’t just make for a fun surfing experience, they are also quite versatile as the combination of two designs mean you are not restricted to your local beach that features your trusty wave. As the biggest store dedicated to surfboards on the internet, Akewatu is the right place to be if you are looking for a diverse range of options you can make a decision from. We bring together hundreds of local Australian surf shops, individual sellers and technical experts partners in Australia to give you everything you need to crest the waves successfully. The sheer amount of funboards we have available—both new and used surfboards—may make your decision harder, but do not fear! Our expert staff here at Akewatu will help you make a decision based on your height and weight, your desired surfboard volume, the waves you are looking to catch, among other factors. Just send us a chat or call us, and we will be right there beside you, looking at brands and guiding you through! If you are sure of the exact funboard you want, just go to our funboards page and make your selection.


Hybrids are just like funboards; in fact, they are called funboards in some climes. The only difference is in their shape: a hybrid surfboard resembles a high-performance shortboard, while traditional funboards are shaped like longboards. Funboards will give you the easy pedaling of a longboard and the maneuverability of a shorter board, but with a hybrid, you will get the speed of a fish with the maneuverability of a shortboard. If you are looking for a faster funboard, then you should check out the hybrids of Pipedream surfboards. Pipedream may feature a lot of shortboards, but there are also hybrids that are perfect for surfers looking for lower volume boards. Dubbed the “Mini Mini,’ they come in different lengths to accommodate your weight. There are also hybrids from the famous Haydenshapes and Underground Noosa, among others.

Should you buy funboards?

As earlier stated, funboards are great for beginners transitioning to a more serious surfing experience. However, their versatility means that they can be used by surfers on any level, especially when you are not a pro dedicated to smashing records in the sport. If you’re an expert and would be riding faster, more powerful waves, shortboards should be your go-to board. Check out our DHD surfboards for ideas. Fishboards on the other hand are great for smaller, mushier waves, but their larger volume means that they can also work in larger waves too. DHD also has fishboards as well as Super Brand surfboards. For beginners still learning how to stay stable on a surfboard and catch a wave, longboards, such as the Takayama surfboards, and softboards like the Mark Richards softboards would be perfect. If you don’t want any of these, however, check out our Mini Malibu surfboards or our Stand Up Paddle boards.