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Firewire Surfboards available in Australia - Seaside, Baked Potato, Glazer, Sci Fi surboard Firewire

Welcome to the universe of Firewire surboards, an innovating figure in the high-performance surfboard world. If you are looking for a new or used certified board, innovative shortboard or longboard, stop and take a look here ! We have put together a little "made by Akewatu" selection just for you - let us know what you think! Spitfire, Seaside, Tomo, Go Fish, Spitfire, all the best firewire surfboards models are available.

Buy a Firewire surfboards, a leader in surfboard technology

Kelly Slater, Rob Machado, Tomo, Dan Mann... Just a few big names in the Firewire house who are always looking to define the lines of tomorrow's surfing. Light, high-performance, solid: it was a promise, it quickly became a reality over the years, making the brand a true reference in the surfboard market just like JS Surfboards or Channel Island surfboards.

From the Twice Baked to the Flat Earth from Slater Designs

From the Twice Baked to the Flat Earth from Slater Designs or the Seaside or Glazer from Rob Machado, or even a Thunderbolt Longboard like the Gem or TJ Pro: take your pick, get in the water and start drawing your lines. We offer these models in new or used so that you can find the one that also fits your budget.

No matter if it's a shortboard or a longboard, we've got the right Firewire surfboard for your needs

Akewatu's Firewire offering is built to help you find the right board no matter if it's a shortboard or longboard, whatever the size that suits your needs. Make your choice and see you out there !

Surfboards offer a unique opportunity for every surfer to enjoy the waves and slide on the sea. Firewire surfboards are one of the best brands in the world. Look at this great surfboard manufacturer and some of its products.

Akewatu Online Catalog

Akewatu is an extensive surfboard online platform, the largest surf catalog you can find on Internet. It aims to help people find a suitable board irrespective of its brand and size. On this platform, you will get to see hundreds of surfboards from many indigenous Australian shopping stores. You can contact Akewatu for surfing advice by calling them or chatting them up. This platform helps many local Australian surf platforms to showcase their products. Akewatu has more than 100 surfing experts partners in Australia. Surf shops you can find on Akewatu include Zaks, Beachbeat, Wicks Surf, Stuart Surf, and Rip Curl. All surfboards are examined at drop-off points, and delivery is secured. Aside from New surfboards, you could buy Second Hand surfboards of good quality at affordable prices and professionnaly checked before shipping. Akewatu takes premium care of shipping and ensures your product gets to its destination safely. They have unique shipping procedures which are designed to ensure priority delivery.

About Firewire surfboards

Firewire Surfboards are known for their quality surfing equipment. They provide high-end products. Also look at Mc Tavish surfboards for more high-end surfboards.

Top Firewire surfboards available

Here are some excellent firewire surfboards:

Sci-fi surfboard firewire

This surfboard brand allows a good performance and sleek surfing experience. The sci-fi firewire surfboard is known as the best board with great designs. It provides a grip and propulsion many surfers would love.


The Seaside is a fish, but a fish like no other! It is truly a board going everywhere for all conditions. A fast board with incredible gliding.

Twice Baked Potato

The Twice Baked by Firewire is an improved version of the popular Baked Potato. The changes are at the tail outline and the new bottom contours. Its medium rails make this board more forgiving yet still allows you to surf with power in small to medium conditions.


The Firewire GLAZER is a versatile shortboard for beginners to advanced surfers in a wide range of conditions. The single to double concave allows water to flow smoothly underneath the board, generating speed. Using a top surfing brand like firewire ensures you have a safe and reliable surfing experience.