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DHD Surfboards available in Australia - Phoenix, 3DX, MF DNA

DHD Surfboards has become one of the most recognisable brands on the surfing planet. His team is one of the greatest athletes, including three-time world champion Mick Fanning and seventime world champion Stephanie Gilmore. From the latest models to the oldest ones, you will be able to find on this page the widest selection of DHD boards that you have ever seen. If you have any doubts, look for yourself !
Every surfer wants to become a professional and take the sport to the highest level. However, it can’t be achieved without using the top surfboards in the world. These surfboards will always come in handy when we talk about performance. For those who take surfing seriously, you need a board that will complement you to get your goals. Let’s look at one of the best surfboard manufacturers in the world; DHD Surfboards.

About Akewatu

Akewatu is one of the biggest surfboards online catalogs in the world. They are designed to offer surfers the chance to get surfboards with their specifications in mind. Irrespective of the size, model, and type of board, Akewatu will benefit you. On the platform, you will see surfboard from hundreds of Australian Surf Shops. Contact us using email, chat or call for advice relating to surfing equipment. Akewatu helps many Australian local shops to sell their surfboards. Akewatu has on its platform many shops, private, and numerous technical partners in Australia. Surfers can find brands like Stuart Surf, Rip Curl, Wicks Surf, Beachbeat, Zaks, and Boardriders. Akewatu partners stores will check all boards at drop-off, and delivery is secured. Akewatu is in charge of shipping, and products will arrive safely at your designated location because of their premium delivery process made for surfboards.

About DHD Surfboards

DHD surfboard remains a top surfboard model in Australia and a global manufacturer of high-quality surfboards. DHD has a working partnership with top surfers globally, like Mick Fanning and Stephanie Gilmore, who make considerable contributions to the designs and shaping of the surfboards. There are excellent Premium and Second hand Mick Fanning Surfboards which are available at Akewatu. This excellent partnership has led to the production of high-performance surfboards like Chilli Surfboards which has been the key to the brand success over the years. Some key models include Small Wave performer 3DV, Mf JBay Black Diamond, and the ever-impressive MFSweet Spot 3.0. These models and the Firewire Surfing brands come in various sizes, colors, and shapes according to your needs.

Recommended DHD surfboards

Here are some top DHD models:

Phoenix Shortboard Surfboard

Surfers looking for a DHD surfboard that matches quality with price should check this out. It is highly recommended for those with a fair knowledge of surfing skills. You will find it easy riding waves which are two to five feet in height. This Phoenix Shortboards could be used for sporting competitions because of its fins features like FCS11 MR Twin and stabilizer. These fin options will make your movement sleek and your surfing balance.

Sweet Spot 3.0 Shortboard Surfboards

This DHD surfboard is a fantastic model, especially for its paddle design and leash setup. It is designed using quality materials that ensure its durability. It is an all-rounder board, so, irrespective of skill level, you would love it.

MF DNA Surfboard

This unique DHD brand remains one of the top surfing products you can get at reasonable rates. It has an open outline which ensures water flows easily under the fins. For surfers concerned with performance over design, this board comes to mind because it performs well under heavy waves. Getting the best surfboards to use increases your performance and skill level. It is pertinent to get high-performance DHD surfboards at reasonable rates. For high-performance surfboards, also check brands like JS Surfboard.