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Channel Island & Al Merrick Surfboards available in Australia - Happy, Neck Beard, Fish Beard

Channel Island Al Merrick boards have earned an amazing reputation thanks to past and current team riders like Tom Curren, Kelly Slater, Rob Machado & Dane Reynolds, and models like the Sampler or the Dumpster. Find these models and more in our new and used certified boards selection available Australia wide. With all the different shapes and sizes to choose from, you will be sure to find the one that helps you draw lines like Dane Reynolds.

Buy a Channel surfboards, one of the strongest names in surfing for several decades

Does the name Al Merrick ring a bell ??? Al was the man behind the men, such as Tom Curren, Kelly Slater, Rob Machado, Taylor Knox, Dane Reynolds etc don't get those names riding your boards unless you're a genius with the planer !

Neck Beard, Fish beard and Happy are some of Channel Surfboard's gems

The modern day winners like the Neck Beard, Fish Beard & Happy are always in high demand, not to mention the flowing cruiser which is the CI Mid: take your pick, get in the water and start drawing your lines. We offer these models in new or used so that you can find the one that also fits your budget. Akewatu's Channel Islands offering is built to help you find the right board no matter the size that suits your needs. Make your choice and see you out there !

If you want to learn how to surf, having a worn out surfboard that you want to change or want to gift a loved on a surfboard, Akewatu is the solution. This online surfboard shop is your best bet as regards surfboards. Here are reasons you should choose Akewatu.

Surfboards for All Your Surfing Needs

Akewatu provides surfers with a wide variety of surfboards. It is the largest catalog on the internet dedicated to surfboard. This catalog allows customers to enjoy a wide variety of surfboards. These surfboards vary from made in bulk to surfboards made specifically to meet the demands of our customers. There are various types of surfboards. They all have their advantages and suitable use cases. Customers are advised to seek the counsel of experts when buying surfboards. We also partner with hundreds of shops and individual sellers and over +100 technical experts in Australia. We have the factory default surfboards as well as second hand surfboards.

Shop from a Wide Variety of Surf Board Brands

A brand is an entity that people want to associate with. It is more than a household name for a company offering products or services. A brand should offer real value for money. Most surfers (especially experienced surfers) are often affiliated to a brand. Some surfers even believe that using a particular brand of surfboard brings luck. Others prefer particular brands of surfboards because of the features of the boards that the brand produces.

This is why we have different brands of surfboards. We have the Channel Island surfboard, Al Merrick surfboards. We have the DHD surfboardsChilli surfboards, and NSP surfboards. We also offer funshapes or funboards of different brands.

If you are a fan of Australian locally produced surfboards, then our collection of surfboards will definitely delight you. The brand of surfboards available in our catalog are trusted Australian brands that have served Australians for years.

Enjoy Value Added Services

Akewatu offers more than just surfboards, we offer true value for your money. Besides partnering with the best surfboard brands, we also ensure that there are no complaints over the products we deliver. We cover the delivery of the surfboards and ensure its safety. Unlike most other products, surfboards are fragile and every detail is important. Losing a tiny part of the surfboard can ruin it.

This is why we package the surfboards very well before delivering it. Akewatu also tracks the delivery and transporting of the surfboards you order to ensure that they are in optimum condition upon delivery. Since we are partnering with local shops, we examine surfboards before they are despatched for delivery. This is in a bid to ensure quality and that the product meets the demands of the customer.

To get the surfboards of your choice, visit our online shop and place an order. You can also chat or call us for more inquiries or requests. Akewatu is dedicated to promoting hundreds of local Australian surf shops. You can promote these local shops too by buying from our online catalog today.