Surfboard tails: How to choose the best one

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How to choose your surfboard tails

Tail is a key part of your surfboard and can make a huge difference. Speed, control, maneuvrability, stability and release are directly impacted by the type of your surfboard tails you have. So what’s the difference between a squash tail, a round tail, a fish, a pin tail or a swallow tail ? Get to know the basic tails deisgn in this video

  1. Fish tailis the tail for soft waves
    Fish tail brings you speed specially when you surf soft waves. Though, you have less maneuvrability than a shortboard with a square tail.

  2. Swallow tail is the tail for small waves
    Swallow tail look like a fish tail. He is used on many shortboards. When you surf small waves, it allows you to go with a shortboard while keeping speed for soft waves.

  3. Round tail is the tail for stylish surf
    Round tail helps you to surf with fluidity and good speed. Though, it’s not made for radical surfing.

  4. Squash tail is the tail for radical moves
    Squash tail is very popular for pro surfers. It’s made for radical surf and moves. The board is very reactive and stick in turns.

  5. Pin tail is the tail for big wave surfers
    Pin tail is for big wave surfers. It helps you keeping your line even when you’re full speed.
Article written by John
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