How to choose your surfboard
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6 Tips on How to Choose Your Surfboard

With so much choice today online, making your mind up on what board to buy isn’t getting any easier. From mini mals and eggs to funboards and hybrids, it can seem a bit baffling.

Golden rule: The heavier you are the more volume you need, as in a thicker, wider and/or longer board. If you’re light you can surf lower volume boards, even if you’re not (yet) Kelly Slater.

Our 6 tips to guide you in your next surfboard purchase:

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A. Evaluate your surfing level
B. Choose your equipment in relation to your size
C. Find the model that best suits your needs
D. Know what you’re buying
E. Read our customer reviews
F. Ask us questions via our live chat feature

A. What level surfer are you?

Consider yourself a newcomer when…

1. You’re still learning to paddle, stand up, drop in, and mainly having fun catching waves in the whitewash.
2. You’re beginning to make your way out the back of the waves but only just.

Find a selection of our beginner surfboard models.

Consider yourself an intermediate when…

1. You know the difference between going left and right.
2. You can make your way out the back of the waves. Hallelujah!
3. Your take-offs are under control, pretty much.
4. You know how to read waves and create speed down the line.

Consider yourself advanced when…

1. You’re able to surf all types of waves.
2. You can carve both tight and drawn-out turns.
3. You know how to perform committed manoeuvres in the critical part of the wave.
4. You understand surf etiquette.

You might not yet be Julian Wilson or Steph Gilmore, but feel free to delve into our advanced surfboard selection.

Akewatu, le site pour acheter/vendre ses planches de surf

B. Choose your equipment in relation to your size

There are 4 key measurements to bear in mind: length, width, thickness and volume. The higher your surfboard volume, the more buoyant and stable it will be. The wider and thicker a board, the less manoeuvrable it will be.

C. Find the surfboard model that best suits your needs

Are you still unsure on how to differentiate a fish from a shortboard from a step-up? Don’t panic, we’ve put together an article to help you with just that. Read our beginner’s guide to surfboard designs.

For beginners, mini mals surboards and funboards are best.

D. Know what you’re buying

Buying second-hand surfboards is not only good for the planet, it’s also a great way to equip yourself with a quality surfboard for half the price.

Our second-hand buys are divided into 4 categories:

As new condition: The board may display some minor aesthetic blemishes, but otherwise remains in perfect working order. If any repairs are required, these are clearly specified in the sale.

Very Good condition: The board is in perfect working order but has been surfed and may display some light pressure dings.

Good condition: The board is in a used condition but is still in good working order.

Fair condition: The board has been heavily used but still has a few more wave rides in her.

E. Read our customer reviews

Reviews left by our surfer community. They will help guide you in your purchases and find the right board for you. On Akewatu, customers not only comment on the quality of the surfboards but their whole online shopping experience. Take a look, you’ll find reviews featured on all our surfboard sales.

F. Use our live chat to ask any questions

To improve your online shopping experience and offer you a personalised service, our staff are here to advise you in any way they can. If you have any questions, we’re here to help!

Article written by John
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