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5 Reasons to choose Akewatu Shipping Surfboard Service

You wish to buy your surfboards or any accessories on Akewatu, but you wonder about our shipping service? Keep calm, we’re taking care of everything! Here are 5 reasons why you can just relax while waiting for the delivery of your surfboards.

How Akewatu surfboards are packaged ?

We use the Flexi-Hex material. Made from paper so it is entirely sustainable and biodegradable. Accordian style honeycomb allows the user to adapt it to most board shapes. The Flexi-Hex material is patented & can then be used to pack a surfboard, use to wrap your board on your next trip or also package something fragile like a wine bottle and much more. By adopting this adaptable plastic-free packaging solution, our approach is to reduce the amount of micro plastic in the ocean. As we all are passionate surfers, we believe in green causes and we wish to engage ourselves within our capacity. We think that this little step was the least we could do. It combines the fact that we ‘feel good’ to send the surfboards this way, whilst adopting a greener manner also.

2. How does it work if the package is damaged?

We have shipping insurance for those very exceptional cases, which means that if your package is damaged you will get compensation. To do so, you just have to decline the parcel as soon as you receive it and let us know about this issue. We will then take care of everything.

3. Where do you ship in Australia?

Wherever you are in Australia, Akewatu offers you the possibility for delivery. That means we make more than 4000 surfboards available for you within days. We believe that our community should be able to surf everywhere. For added security, we send all our surfboards around the world with the Flexi-Hex material. It is a revolution in surfboard delivery as it is a unique and fully recyclable way to wrap-up your board. 

4. How long does it take to receive my surfboard?

We guarantee that once you place an order, your package will arrive home in approx 3 working days for express delivery and approx 7 days for fast delivery.

5. Who is packaging my board?

In total, Akewatu regroups hundreds of shops and individual sellers in Australia. Beachbeat, Slimes, Aloha Manly, Natural Necessity, Stuart Surf, Wicks Surf, Rip Curl & many more are all shops you can find there. Boards are checked by an Akewatu partner shop at drop-off and the transport is secured, which means no bad surprises. Akewatu takes care of the shipping. We make sure your package and its content arrive intact at the pick-up location thanks to a premium shipping process specifically designed for surfboards. 

Article written by Blanche
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