Aqss Grip 2P
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Aqss Grip 2P

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    Product Details

    Aquatic Social Scene Traction Pads are designed with high performance surfing in mind. These traction pad grips are made from a proprietary blend of EVA foam to reduce the pads overall weight, whilst increasing grip and traction regardless of the waters temperature. The AQSS traction pad range offers superior grip technology utilising S*Labs 3D Diamond Traction-Tech which creates 4 way unidirectional hold providing maximum traction through your turns. The AQSS traction pad range comes in 2 and 3 piece split systems to allow the rider to tailer each grip to a particular board. For wider tails the grip can be split and widened to accommodate ensuring these traction pads are suitable for any board type. All AQSS traction pads use high-quality 3M adhesive to keep your pad securely in place. Other features of the AQSS traction pad range include a 33mm vert wedge tail kick, bevelled edges for reduced water drag and perforated traction for reduced weight and increased grip.

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    Grip 2P
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