Fins surfing in Australia - FCS, Futures for surfboards

Fins for surfing in Australia

Welcome to the fin El Dorado! Don't look any further, the fin set you are looking for is right here, under your eyes. From twin fins to thruster and quad: it's raining models from FCS and Futures, filling up your computer screen with the best models out there. If you need any advice on which model is the best for you, don't hesitate to contact us on the Chat.
Find all the surfing fins from the world leaders, FCS and Futures. Fins setup allow you to adapt your board to the current conditions and to the style you want to get. Check this article to get more infos on how to choose your fins. For a curvy surf, the carver model from FCS is the ideal one, as the Performer line-up is geared more towards the search for explosive maneuvers. Between quad, thruster, combo, twin fins or single fin, both FCS and Futures offer all different set-ups to make sure you will find the perfect one for your needs. Check out the latest models developed by brands using the best constructions and materials like resin, honeycomb, fiberglass, plastic, and carbon. Those are all materials that the fins expert use when comes the time to create new composite materials, like FCS' Neo Glass and Futures' Blackstix. These technologies help to improve your performance once on your board, thanks to the fins' lightweight and flex. Find models you like in all systems: Futures, FCS 2 and FCS 1. Our goal to create the largest possible offer in terms of fins and accessories, and we keep bringing in more brands and models so that you can have total freedom of choice. So pick your favorite and let's meet at the peak!

Fins for Surfboards

Surfboard fins are small, but they determine your board’s response and performance while giving you stability, control and direction. Along with Leash for surfboards, they will help you glide along waves how you want. Some come with glassed-in fins, and while these are fine, they do not offer you as much versatility as removable fins will give you. If you are looking to buy removable fins, here at Akewatu, the largest surfboards store on the internet, we have exactly what you need.

Fin Boxes

Fins for your surfboard come in different box types, and you should be looking to get any of the following

Dual Tab (FCS & FCS II) Fin Boxes

The most successful, popular fin system in surfing, FCS (Fin Control System) are fins with two tabs or plugs that are secured to your surfboard with the help of set screws. The FCS II Keyless is a recent innovation that allows you to fix the FCS fins to your board without a key or grub screws.

Single Tab Futures Fin Boxes

Futures Fins use a truss base along the entire length of the fin box to connect to your board for a strong, lightweight connection. Quick and easy set screws hold them in place. The number of fins you’ll need for your surfboard depends largely on its setup, and understanding how it works will help you choose the right board for you. You can also chat or call us if you need more advice, and we’ll be here to help!

Fin Setup

Types of fin set up include

Single Fin

Single fin configuration is common on longboards and provides stability, control, and predictability to your board. However, it can be limiting and unstable, making it hard for you to do quick, sharp turns.

Twin Fin

Twin fins help you manoeuvre faster and better, but because their “looseness” makes it harder to ride bigger waves, they mostly feature on a shortboard

Thruster Fin

Thruster Fin is the most popular setup as it provides more stability, control and manoeuvrability. However, it slows surfers down because of the drag it creates at the end.

Quad Fin

Quad fins basically correct the challenges with the thruster fin, giving speed while ensuring control, stability and manoeuvrability.

5 Fin

This fin setup for surfboard allows you to try out all the above configurations without changing your board. Switch between a single, twin, tri and quad setup to see which one works best for you.

2+1 fin

This combines the twin fin with the single fin setup and is becoming increasingly popular with funboards, eggs, logs and SUPs. Akewatu brings together the biggest manufacturing names in surfing like Pipedream surfboards, as well as over hundreds of shops and individual sellers and over +100 technical experts partners in Australia. All boards are checked by an Akewatu partner shop at drop-off and the secure, premium shipping process we give means you get your boards and other accessories like Surfing wetsuits and Pads for surfing.

Shop for fins surfboard with Akewatu today and join us to help hundreds of local Australian surf shops!